Rockclimbing courses in Thailand

Our Climbing courses

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These courses are included equipment, transport to and from Railay and pickup service from the Hotel, resort or guesthouse in Ao Nang and Krabi (pickup from Krabi extra charge 100 Bath), experienced instructor, full insurance, lunch except half day course, drinking water, fruits and snacks.

Half day course:

• Start from 08:30 am to 13:30 pm or from 14:00 pm until 18:00 pm
• The course is designed for climbing beginner and advanced climbers
• Learn:
1.1 Climbing performance and techniques
1.2 Belaying (the procedure to safeguard a falling climber)
1.3 Various belay devices usage
1.4 Top rope climbing

• Ideal for your first taste of climbing
• Cost: 1.000 Bath

One day course

• Start from 08:30 am until 18:30 pm
• The course is designed for climbing beginner and advanced climbers
• Visit spectacular locations on Railay and Phrannang Beach
• Trekking through cave with abseiling down afterwards
• Learn:
2.1 climbing performance and techniques
2.2 Belaying and top rope climbing
2.3 abseiling / rappelling

• Cost: 1.800 Bath

Three day course:

• Start from 08:30 am until 18:30 pm for 3 days
• A fun and rewarding course for climbing beginner and advanced climbers
• This course comes with a certificate of learning all skills and especially safety
   procedures for responsible climbing
• Free t-shirt any choice or fisherman pants with logo
• Learn:
3.1 climbing performance and techniques
3.2 belaying and top roping
3.3 abseiling / rappelling
3.4 lead climbing
3.5 multi pitch climbing
3.6 Rope technique
3.7 Self rescue / safety instruction

• Cost: 6.000 Bath



Private guide / Instruction one on one:

If you want to climb one on one with our long experienced instructor than this course is what you looking for. A personalized programme that meet your abilities in a half day, full day or three day climbing course … or longer time permitting. The advantage of personal guiding is that you can be flexible at your climbing routes, tours and places in agreement with your guide/instructor. This programme is an excitement for all climbers starting from beginner until the very advanced, if you don’t find a suitable partner or short in time we are more than happy to serve you.

Half day private guide:

  1 person:  3.000 Bath
  2 persons: 5.700 Bath

Full day private guide:

  1 person:  4.500 Bath
  2 persons: 8.550 Bath

Three days private guide:

  1 person:  12.000 Bath
  2 persons: 20.000 Bath



Trekking tours:

This trip is located in Railay peninsula. This amazing tour takes you to the high viewpoint and the spectacular lagoon in the valley. From the viewpoint, you have amazing scenes which are made like Krabi’s postcards with your own eyes. It offers a unique combination of breathtaking scenery; beautiful beaches with soft sand, an excellent tourist infrastructure. Doing this trip, it’s recommended that you go with a guide because sometimes after rain it can be slippery and dangerous on the way down to the lagoon. In the trekking tour, you can do a trip to the end of Phrannang beach where you go through the cave and abseil down from the top viewpoint and hike back to Railay West beach where you relax and enjoy sunset with a cold drink in front of Flame Tree bar and restaurant.

Halfday tour:

  Viewpoint and Lagoon
  1.000 Bath

Full day tour:

  Viewpoint, Lagoon and caving
  Lunch included
  1.800 Bath

Transport and pickup included in the price.




Experience a new rush of adrenaline. We offer a 4-5 hour trip, where we go out on a boat from Railey beach to Poda Island. There we have several climbing routes that you can explore without a rope or harness. You can climb as high as you can go and then jump into the cool water. This trip is for everyone, young and old.
When we get tired of climbing and jumping into the sea, we then enjoy the beautiful beach where you can relax and swim with the colourful schools of fish that truly appreciate being fed. This is an unforgettable experience you will remember for a lifetime...

The best time to do this trip is from the beginning of November until the end of the season, March - April. (Trips in other months can be arranged but are weather-dependent.)

  Cost: 1.200 Baht per person, minimum four people 

We provide: boat transportation, insurance, snacks and fruit, drinking water and all equipment.

We look forward to having a great time with you.
Ao Nang Climber Judith und Mor.